Google Maps update adds bicycle route elevations, voice commands

mapsupdate 82 primary

Google Maps for Android is being updated to include the elevation for biking route options, making it simpler to choose the optimal path for one’s journey.

Version 8.2 also adds new voice actions, telling you an estimated arrival time and where to make the next turn.

When viewing a biking route, a graphic details the rise and fall of the elevation during the trip, with alternatives for you to select a different route if it is more appealing. The feature is listed as Beta, so don’t be surprised if some bugs appear over time.


Bicycle routes now show the elevation change during the journey, with cards displaying alternate routes.

Another improvement is the inclusion of voice actions to navigation mode. Google Maps understands phrases like, “What’s my next turn?” or “What time will I get there?”

The slide-out navigation menu now features access to My Places, which keeps your search history, saved places and offline maps.


My places are now available from the slide-out menu to the left. This gives quick access to recent searches, starred places, and prompts to leave reviews for visited venues.

Additionally, the Uber card is now shown in the car tab of the navigation menu instead being buried where public transportation and walking are located.

As is often the case with app updates, the new version of Google Maps is a staggered rollout, so it may be a few days before it hits your device. The brave and impatient can access the APK from Android Police.

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