Sundar Pichai confirms: Next version of Android to be showcased at Google I/O, released this fall

googleio 2014 100312818 primary.idge

Historically, Google I/O isn't the grounds for a full-fledged Android version debut, with the company only choosing to show off some cherry-picked features before the official release. This year, that may change. 

According to Businessweek, Google I/O 2014 will become the home of the next major version of the Android operating system, with head of Android, Chrome, and Google Apps, Sundar Pichai saying "I want the world to understand what we are doing sooner." 

If the next version of Android, possibly called Lollipop, is to be shown off at I/O this year, there's seemingly going to be more focus on Google's mobile OS than previously anticipated. Of course, Android Wear is expected to officially launch at the conference, as well as a reboot of the less-than-successful TV software (launching anew under the Android TV moniker). 

Google has stayed rather tight-lipped about the next version of Android, but there's plenty of speculation as to what it will bring to the table. We'll find out tomorrow morning. Stay glued to our Google I/O coverage for all the details!

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