We made a guacamole platter that looked like the Android robot -- and now you can, too

An avocado may not seem like the most high-tech product out there. But combine that avocado with tomato, green onion, lime, and salsa? Then you’re talking a finished product that could rival anything Samsung, HTC, and Sony produce.

We’re talking about guacamole, friend to chips and human beings alike. And for the recent Cinco de Mayo festivities, guacamole was very much on our minds—almost as much as we think about Android devices, which, like guacamole, are also represented by a green logo that brings joy to millions. So we thought, “Hey… why not combine the two?”

guac finished product

The fruits of our guacamole labor. Because this is a picture, you can’t hear our little guacamole-based Android robot begging for its life.

No, we didn’t smother guacamole all over the Samsung Galaxy S5—that’d void our warranty. Instead, we made guacamole—a lot of it—and we served it in the shape of the Android logo embraced by our dear friends at our sister site Greenbot.

Look, we’re not going to lie to you—this process does not contain fancy molecular gastronomy techniques—hey, we covered that already. And no high-tech kitchen gadgetry was used in the preparation of this recipe.

No, this is simply a recipe for delicious guacamole that we made for our office’s Cinco de Mayo party that we served to vaguely resemble a green Android robot. And now, we’re sharing the recipe—courtesy of senior editor Susie Ochs—with you. Don’t say we never gave you anything.

Here’s the recipe, straight from Susie. You’ll need avocados, Roma tomatoes, green onions, limes, sea salt, and salsa verde, though if you throw in garlic and chiles, no one’s going to call the guacamole police on you.

  1. Peel and de-pit several avocados into a bowl. Usually I use three or four. For this party, we used 23.
  2. Mash them with a potato masher until they are good and mashed.
  3. Stir in diced tomato and finely chopped green onion. It’s fine to eyeball the amounts: For a typical batch that’ll be two Roma tomatoes and one bunch of green onion. 
  4. Squeeze in the juice of one or two limes.
  5. My secret ingredient is green salsa, or salsa verde if you will, to give it a little kick without having to seed and chop a bunch of chile peppers and have jalapeño hands for a day. Stir in 1/4 cup at a time, approximately, until the ratio seems right. Mrs. Renfro’s green jalapeño salsa is divine for this, but use whatever’s around.
  6. Other ingredients you could add include roasted garlic cloves mashed up, and/or finely minced jalapeños or other chiles, if you like your guac spicy or garlicky.
  7. Finish it off with a big pinch of sea salt. Serve with chips. Avoid metal bowls and utensils. It should all be eaten the same day.

And Google… if you’re looking for an hors d’oeuvre to serve to attendees at Google I/O next month, you know who to credit.

This story, "We made a guacamole platter that looked like the Android robot -- and now you can, too" was originally published by TechHive.

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