AT&T, Sprint, Verizon disable the Galaxy S5's download booster

download booster primary

Among the many, many features of the new Galaxy S5 is something called "Download Booster." When it's enabled, the phone downloads large files (over 30MB) using both your Wi-Fi connection and cellular network at the same time, combining their bandwidth for zippier downloads.

But if you're a U.S. customer running out to buy the phone when it goes on sale tomorrow, there's only one carrier that seems intent on letting you use it: T-Mobile.

A report on Android Police noticed that the AT&T unit doesn't contain the feature anywhere in the settings, nor an option to add it to the notifications shade. Firecewireless got confirmation from Verizon and Sprint that they're following suit.

We happen to have both the AT&T and Sprint versions of the Galaxy S5 in-house, and sure enough, the download booster feature is missing from both.

So what of T-Mobile? It hasn't been confirmed on a live T-Mobile version of the phone yet, but the company's product page proudly lists the Download Booster as a key feature of the phone. The feature is missing from the product pages on the Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint sites. In fact, the Q&A section of Verizon's page confirms the carrier's lack of support for the feature.

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