Google adds playlist-based radio to Play Music for Android


Google's Play Music service has long allowed you to start up a radio station based on a particular Album, Artist, or Song. But that can be a bit limiting, and often give you sub-optimal results. A better solution is to let you start up a radio station based on a playlist.

Well good news for Android users, as the Google Play Music app has been updated with the ability to create playlist-based radio stations. Each radio station will curate music based on your listening preferences. You like rock music with a little bit of jazz thrown in? That's fine; here's some Metallica, with a few Dizzie Gillespie tracks for good measure. Weirdo. The update also added a few interface tweaks and enables you to pin stations for offline listening.

The Google Play Music update is slowly rolling out to all Android users. If you simply can't wait, you can manually download it from the Google Play store.

Now, if only they'd tackle the somewhat awkward card-based interface with bright orange highlights.

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