"Never Settle" OnePlus phone settles for Snapdragon 800 processor

oneplus conference
Credit: OnePlus

Remember OnePlus? The startup that announced earlier this year that it would debut in the first half of this year with CyanogenMod as its main operating system? From the looks of it, things are still on track.

The OnePlus One—not to be confused with the HTC One—will feature a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and 4G connectivity. Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus and former vice president of Oppo, wrote at length about the company’s decision to adopt the 800 instead of next-generation processors like the Snapdragon 801 and 805.

”[The processor] needed to be fast, run smoothly, run multiple programs without fear of lagging or crashing, and still offer great battery performance.
Ultimately, it was clear that the Snapdragon 800 provided the best speed, battery consumption and heat management. It also allows us to get our product in your hand faster, with the highest optimization. We didn’t want to announce our product, only to be able to ship it six months later.”

Lau did not reveal any other other hardware specifications, though he did mention that the company has its sights set on launching next quarter. OnePlus even held a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” in an effort to drum up some press for its upcoming product, but its two representatives didn’t disclose much. The company plans to release more specifications in the coming weeks.

The OnePlus One will likely launch internationally first. There’s no word yet on when it will hit the US.

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